Once Upon a Time In a Loveless City EP & Digital Booklet

Once Upon a Time In a Loveless City EP & Digital Booklet


Once Upon a Time in a Loveless City is an EP inspired by the Soul legends that came before us. Specifically Curtis Mayfield & Isaac Hayes. Sonically I want you to ride on the passenger side of my 76 Cadi as we take a cruise through your hood today. With Live instrumentation, thought provoking songwriting and soulful harmonies and melodies its the epitome of Hip Hop Soul as I know it.  

I created OUATIALC as a wake up call. We sometimes are so consumed in our own journeys that we fail to take a look around at the cruel world we live in and how we contribute cruelty daily by not spreading positive vibes. I wanted to sum up a million untold stories from our community into 5 songs, with a musical back drop reminiscent of the 70's. I really hope listeners catch a vibe as they listen. I want to continue to contribute music that means something.

Enclosed is also a breakdown of what inspired the project as well some of the lyrics.

Thanks for the Support & Enjoy.

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